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Get Extra Discounts on Online Shopping apart from Bank Offers,Coupons in India

Online shopping by itself is rewarding for customers like us, as it saves time, allows us to compare and save money by great discounts and deals .

In addition to that, Banks and Credit card providers make the deal even more enriched in Value by providing Instant Discounts on using their debit cards or credit cards.

What if we say you that you can earn even more additional cashbacks and discounts on all the money you spend ? . Some of the Charateristics of this extra cashback or discount are –

  • It is over and above the discounts provided by Bank / Credit Debits Card and can be claimed.
  • It Can be Used along with the Payment Providers Cashback (Phone Pe, Amazon Pay, Paytm etc)
  • It is irrespective of the internal offers/promotions by the website offers.

Read on below if you want to know on the exact procedure on availing this extra discount. After all you should get full benefits for every single rupee you spend , which is earned after hogging for hours .

How to get Extra Discount on Flipkart / Amazon / Swiggy / Any Service Provider in India

The extra Discount we are talking about is Affiliate Commission which is paid by e-commerce website to its Salesperson/advertising agents which bring sales.

Cashback Service providers like CashKaro – instead take this commission from these companies and return their earned commission to you. Thus, letting you have that extra discount in your bank account which is never seen by others.

Here’s an example of How CashKaro works! –

Extra Discount apart from Retailer , Bank Offers, Payment providers by CashKaro

Here’s an example of the Discount you will earn if you Order Food from Swiggy via CashKaro! .

Let’s suppose you place an order worth Rs.200.
– You get Rs.100 Off through 50% Off Swiggy Coupon Code + flat Rs.30 Cashback from Amazon Pay + Rs.50 Cashkaro cashback & Rs.25 on Cashkaro Signup cashback.

DetailsPriceEffective Price
Food Order SwiggyRs.200Rs.200
50% Off (SWIGGYIT)(-Rs.100)Rs.100
Rs.30 Cashback (Amazon Pay)(-Rs 30)Rs.70
CashKaro Cashback(-Rs.50+-Rs.25)FREE!! or Rs.15

So You Got Rs.100+30+50+25 = 205 savings.
– Thus, your total savings are Rs.205 on an order of Rs.200.
– You got free food plus Rs.5 extra.
-Even if you are an old user of Cashkaro you get food worth Rs.200 in just Rs.15! (Similarly, you save money on Goibibo, Amazon, Flipkart and all your future purchases!) Only by using the Cashkaro Mobile App! –

Thus, this cashback is exclusive and above the service provider + bank discount + payment discount. And if you use your skills wisely enough, you can get your deals in very less amount .

NOTE – Considering the amount of money we spend online – food, gadgets, clothes, travel (Even the small Cashbacks easily becomes big when combined. I save almost Rs.1200 monthly by using CashKaro for all my Online purchases..

I use this cashback website : CashKaro along with my Amazon Pay Credit Card . This gives me (5% Cashback on Credit Card + 5% Cashback on Cashkaro) , total 10% discount any time of the year without the need to wait for sales! 🙂

Here’s a simple proof , I have saved over half a lakh in a year by using CashKaro! –

Half a lakh Rupees Savings in a Year! from CashKaro!

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